Our Work

Our Work


Sometimes, either because it is risky or because we don´t like to do so, we skip the alloy stamps, but every piece of work leaving our workshop has been stamped with our signature. These are:

  • Between 1990 and 1997: Three squares in a row.
  • Between 1997 and 2000: Three squares on a pyramid (like in japanese "Hin"). This stamp recurres every now and then with no apparent logic.
  • Between 2000 and 2002: Same as above with two standing half circles.
  • Since 2002: G, S and T on top of each other in a square.
  • Engravings are signed GST in script and eventually A.B.
  • From february 2012 on,also ichos in cursiv like in the logotype in this website.




Every piece of work in Gold (apart from two or three very seldom exceptions in 20 years which are specifically stamped) is made of Au 900/40 or 60/000 which equals 21,6 ct. Sometimes in bimetal works we use Au 999/000, and this is never stamped.
  • White Gold: 750/160/000 (18 ct.) Au/Pd (alloyed with Palladium, only.)
  • Electrum is an ancient alloy ocurring naturally and mined in ancient times.  We make the alloy ourselves and it consists of Au/Ag in nearly equal parts 860/000 which leaves 140/000 for other elements (mainly copper palladium and platin) that are added in order to achieve hardness and determine the colour.
  • Pt/Cu: 960/000 Platin and Copper
  • Pt/W:  960/000 Platin and Tungsten
  • Pt/Ir: 800/200 Platin and Iridium, which we use rarely, is very white and very hard.
  • Ag: 925/000 Silver Sterling, all jewellery and most silversmith pieces as well.
  • 950/000 and 999,99 some silversmith works.

Every piece of work using a different alloy from the above is accordingly stamped.


We also specialice in extra sizes. Ex:  tamaño (perimetro)77= (diámetro)24,5= (British/French)Z6= (usa)15,5